How To Kill…

In “How To Kill 11 Million People,” author Andy Andrews explains the importance of becoming informed about the situations happening within our governments across the world. With the institutionalized killing of citizens from different countries like Germany, the Soviet Union, Cambodia, and a host of others. Andrews sheds light on corrupt governments deceiving citizens into trusting them. For instance, the book states that a wide variety of mass killings does not happen overnight, but from time to time.

With that said, Hitler had risen into power when Germany became skeptical of their economy. Andrews’ insight on the manipulation of misguided Germans was a downfall for the country, which eventually led to a world war. Shifting over to the United States, Andrews discusses our government’s agenda and extended force. Within our own government, there are 545 officials who have the power of America in their hands. They have a huge responsibility for troubles faced every day. The author proposes a question “Is lying to get elected acceptable?” He expressed that lying to the citizens is considered politics and widely used to feed uneducated people, hence causing a great divide. Andrews is trying to emphasize that the truth matters, without truth then the direction is going nowhere. That is why many Americans today have checked out of the process that shapes our government and future.

Photo by Rosemary Ketchum from Pexels

The author was asked three questions about his writing. “Who should we be listening to?” He explains that we as a society should listen to ourselves and use common sense when making basic or complex decisions. Understand what is already true and what potentially can be true. This quote shows our way of thinking, “We must recognize that, as voters, we sometimes accept a lie when it suits our own self-interest,”(Andrews 66). He goes on to explain that as a country, we have accepted this type of political strategy just to have voted in our favor.

With that being said, this lie may eventually become true or continue as a lie to sway voters. Another question for the author, “Has anyone know if a politician is truthful, if so how?” (Andrews). To summarize, Andrews exclaims that, “if a person was found to be lying, and continues to lie, is the trust still there.” Honesty is always a character trait in a leader, if there is no honesty, then are people safe with the person leading groups or a nation.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Besides, not many people know how the government works and you hear some citizens blame the president, but he has limited power. If you want to focus blame, shift towards the senate and house. I believe Andrews wanted this book to open the reader’s eyes on issues that affect everyday life and not just the past. History repeats itself and as a nation, if we don’t become well aware, we’ll have a similar situation like Germany or even worst.

All in all, Andy Andrews wrote this book as a tool for readers to understand the details of countries agendas and state of mind. He wanted everyone to take a page and compare to today’s society. What direction is the nation going? Are we safe? Or is there someone trying to bring a nation down? All the facts lead to a decision that involves the citizens in the country. Can it be solved before it is too late? 

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Featured Image: “Hand full of blood” – Photo by it’s me neosiam from Pexels

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