“… as the fight for equality continues. The Civil Rights Act went into effect in 1964. With much of our leaders’ passion, voice, and hard work which made the Civil Rights Movement more effective. Sadly, America is still progressing slowly as blacks and other minorities are still facing discrimination. Though, not like years before, as we have come a long way…”

As you see above, this is a sample from my song analysis assignment from sociology class in college. I decided to analyze “Let Freedom Reign” by Chrisette Michele; I felt that this song discusses deep-rooted issues in history about my race as well as American society. I really enjoyed planning and writing this essay as this opened my eyes more on our social issues in society and how we need to come together and make room to uplift each other. This assignment required me to analyze the cultural medium of music and how it depicts social reality. I decided to choose the chapter on race from the book “You May Ask Yourself” by Dalton Conley and to show that I’ve read and understood the material from that chapter and can demonstrate the terms, concepts, and theories that I have learned. From there, we are expected to think deeply about the lyrics of the song and how they depict the social world in which we all live. Below is the full essay including the song lyrics and citations of material use. I also display the song via youtube below, I do not own this song and I am only sharing in order to critique the material in an effective and fair manner.

Full Essay Here

Listen: Let Freedom Reign by Chrisette Michele

About Dalton Conley

About Chrisette Michele

Purchase:  The “You May Ask Yourself” Book

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