Are you ready for a new adventure with ELI NATHANAEL? I am currently in search of Authors, Contributors, and Editors for my blog. These positions are currently unpaid as I am just starting out. Once the blog takes off again with views and publicity, I would like to generate money in order to pay the positions. If you’re willing to stand by me and my vision then I would definitely appreciate it. My blog will be focusing on major topics that I believe are important to discuss and let the world understand more about.

The following topics are College Experiences, Trade/Vocational & Career Experiences, Financial/Investment Tools & Advice, Reviews (Product, TV, Movie, Games, Music, Electronics, etc.), Article Reviews, Fashion, Current Events, Adult Life & Advice, and hopefully more. If you’re interested in joining ELI NATHANAEL, then fill out the form below.

  • Your Name
  • Email (for WordPress account)
  • Bio
  • what position you’re interested in (You can only sign up for one.)
  • which topic you’d like to write about
  • A completed article of the topic (Once approved, it will be featured on the blog)

**The article must be your own** If you don’t have Google Docs or Any other document sharing service than email completed article at ( with a subject line, “EN Article Submission.”

If you have any questions, then click the contact button above and fill the form out. I am able to know what the email is about! Hope to hear from you soon!

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